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How many times, that you planned your movie date with your loved ones and canceled due to your hectic work schedules? But not anymore! As with this extension Tejoparty, you don’t need to cancel your movie nights....

What is Tejowatch Party

In this digital era, where we all are busy in our hectic work schedules. We did not get time to connect with our loved ones and it's been ages since we met them in real and watched movies in theatres. So, in that case, the Tejowatch party is the ultimate solution where you can binge yourself on a vast variety of movies and shows. It is a very easy way to connect with your friends and family, who live miles away from you. 

Furthermore, it is a modern option for people who are seeking other forms of entertainment. This amazing extension has some attractive features such as you can discuss your favorite scene while watching a movie or a show or you can send a funny emoji to them. Apart from this, you can invite as many people to join the viewing party. Tejowatch party can run smoothly both in Chrome and Firefox.

Incredible Features of

Tejowatch Party

it is for everyone

Control watch party

Group watch

worldwide accessibility

HD Quailty Video

customize your profiles

Steps to use the extension

Install the Tejowatch Party

To have a thrilling experience at the Tejowatch party, you need to make sure that you have installed the extension in your browser. There are two ways to install the extension that first you can search for the Tejoparty on your browser and download the extension or you can directly install the extension from our official website. 

Pin the Extension

After installing it on your browser, now you can pin it to the toolbar of your web browser. Just Right-click the TP symbol and then press the pin icon to pin the TP button to the toolbar.

Sign up for your account

Now you can open your most preferred streaming platform including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, and many more. But before that remember that you should have a valid account or a subscription to these streaming websites. In case you do not have an account then don’t worry, you can still create a new account. Then you can host a watch party and invite your loved ones to enjoy movies or shows.

Search and Stream

After that, you can search for your favorite movies or series and watch together with friends and family. Now it's up to you whether you want to host a party or stream it alone.

Host a watch party

Click a watch party option and invite all your friends to binge movies together. It’s just you need to share a link to watch party with them, then after sending it, you can start a party. Now, grab a bucket of popcorn have a comfy blanket, and enjoy movies or series with your friends and family.

Become a Tejoparty member

After logging into your streaming account, tap a Tejoparty invitation.  By simply clicking a link, become a member of the party and have a great experience at the Tejowatch party.

join a watch party by sharing

a URL link

To start a party, you need to have a valid account or subscription to streaming services including Netflix, Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and many more. Then you can host a party create an invitation URL link and share it with them with whom you want to watch a movie or a show. After accepting it, they can join a party. Remember they must have a Tejowatch party installed on their browser and also a valid subscription to these multiple streaming services. So, the best part is Tejoparty extension is free to use.

frequently asked questions

How to watch party works?

After installing the extension on your browser, there will be an option to start a watch party, by clicking that you can create a URL link and share it with your friends and start the party.

How to watch a movie together online?

It’s very simple, you and your friends need to install the extension on your browser. Remember you both have a valid account or a subscription to the streaming service where you want to watch a movie like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime, and many others. Then you can click on the start watch party button create a link and share it with whom you want to stream. Now, you can enjoy all your favorite movies with you your friends and family. You will feel like they are sitting just behind you and enjoying.

How to do Netflix watch party?

At the Tejowatch party, there is a vast variety of multiple streaming services including Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount, Peacock, and many more. For a Netflix watch party, you need to have a valid account and subscription to Netflix and then select a movie that you want to stream select the watchparty option create a URL link share it with your dear ones, and start a party.

How to host a virtual watch party?

Install the extension choose your most preferred streaming website and select a watch party button. Then, create a URL link send it to your friends, and start a virtual watch party.

How Do I Start a Watch Party in a Web Browser?

Tejowatch party only works in browsers that is Chrome and Firefox. After installing it on your browser, you can choose one streaming platform and start a party.

Is installing the Tejowatch party safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and the best part is you can use the extension for free. So, enjoy all your favorite movies without any hassle.

About Tejoparty

Tejowatch party is a fantastic extension where you can stream all your favorites at the same time with your friends and family. It has some of the best features including group chat, audio, and video calls which synchronize playback on your browser. So, create your own memory while watching together.

In this extension, you will get all the latest streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Prime, Paramount, and many more. Download the extension now and enjoy series, movies, and shows on various platforms. Express your mood by sharing emojis while watching your most preferred content.

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